About Us

The General Church of the New Jerusalem in Canada (GCIC for short) is an incorporated national organization of individual church members, groups and congregations devoted to the Christian life and teaching expounded in the works of Emanuel Swedenborg. Please refer to our Beliefs for a summary with Q & A about these teachings.

The organization has roots in Canada going back to the 19th century when missionaries from the United States visited Ontario, Manitoba and later the western Provinces to preach, answer questions and support those who were interested in this new, practical theology. Eventually congregations with resident pastors and even church-run elementary schools were established in Toronto and Kitchener (then Berlin), Ontario, and the teachings spread east and west from those centres. Many of the early members in Western Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan were German speaking former Mennonites who because of their extensive knowledge and probing questions about the Christian Scriptures were well positioned to receive the clear explanations of those Scriptures offered by "the New Church."

Incorporated in 1971 in order to provide more effectively for the management of its legal and financial affairs, the organization effectively became the adoptive parent of the three main churches featured on the home page, and the primary service provider for the many groups and circles scattered across the country from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island.  It's legal address remains in Kitchener where until recently it owned a large tract of farm land that is now under development for suburban housing, but its officers live and work in Toronto, Kitchener and Dawson Creek, and its board members are drawn from several provinces.

Please see the next pages listed under for a summary of our work and a look through our recent newsletters.  And come back again, as we will be posting a lot more information in the course of the coming weeks and months.