Here we provide very brief summaries of some of our most important and distinctive teachings, as well as information on topics about which many people are naturally curious.

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The New Church presence in Canada presently is not large, but the teachings of the New Church have had a far larger influence than most people realize, and the overt knowledge and appreciation of his work is growing daily.  Literally dozens, perhaps hundreds of very well known people, especially in the arts, literature, psychology and many other fields over the last two centuries have obtained critical insights from Swedenborg's books and incorporated those insights into their own work.  William Blake, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William James, Carl Jung, Robert Frost, Helen Keller, Northrop Frye, Dr's. Raymond Moody and Mehmet Oz, and a host of other contemporary figures constitute just the beginning of the list.

Many people who encounter these teachings for the first time are amazed, saying things like "That's what I've always thought... and it makes perfect sense... but I never heard a church teach these things before." 

Well, now you can, too, and we hope you find the same thing true for yourself.