Groups, Circles & Contacts

The rather whimsical photo of a circle of chairs above right is an actual set-up for a group we serve in Calgary.  Though the chairs are empty the group will fill them and in the meantime this represents your invitation to join any of the groups or circles below, either for a visit or to become more fully involved.

Our definition of a church "group" is any body of people who come together for worship, discussion or mutual support on an occasional or ad hoc basis, with little or no formal organization between meetings.  A "circle" is much the same but usually meets on a set schedule and has some elected representatives, such as a secretary and treasurer, to maintain records and communication on behalf of the members.

We often refer to our "Contacts" as "readers," meaning they have an active interest either in Swedenborg or the New Church.  They are generally isolated individuals who welcome contact from anyone who may wish to enquire about these things, or visit to share that interest.

The following list is alphabetical by Province, and then by cities within the Province.