Current Uses

Today there are individual members, families and groups scattered widely all over Canada who subscribe to the principles of the New Church. Our ministry to these people and groups is provided by pastors who typically serve in the major congregations of Ontario and BC but who also travel regularly to visit those without a resident pastor. In addition we offer the following "uses" to sustain and promote the faith in Canada: -
  • this website, which as time goes on will grow and provide increasing benefits to visitors of all kinds
  • The New Church Canadian , a bimonthly newsletter featuring thought provoking articles and announcements
  • personal contact with pastors who can respond to spiritual needs anywhere in the country by e-mail or telephone
  • financial, professional and spiritual support for New Church schools in Canada
  • an annual summer family camp in Ontario
  • an annual summer camp experience in Ontario for youth of high school age (please refer to the "other resources" page in the tabs above)
  • discussion groups across time zones via teleconferencing and occasional e-mail correspondence courses
  • sermon mailings (and before long, podcasts) on request from two of our major centres
  • grants and bursaries for advanced students attending New Church schools in the United States
  • quick links to all major centres and sources of information about the New Church world-wide
  • easy access to a wide range of publications and other services related to the New Church world-wide
  • a safe and responsible national repository for your tax-deductible contributions to the work of the New Church.

We are not alone.

In addition to our organization there are other groups and congregations in Canada who take various degrees of inspiration from the works of Swedenborg. In some cases we work co-operatively together, though there are major spiritual and philosophical differences in our views on a variety of topics. See Other Resources for more information.

We welcome you.

We invite your questions and involvement in the church. Membership is not required for participation in any of our worship services (including communion) or classes, and there is hardly ever a fee for any regular program. We also welcome inquiries about the potential for starting NEW GROUPS and arranging for lectures or pastoral visits in new locations.

Thank you for checking us out!