The Bible

We believe the Sacred Scripture is the Word of God and holy not just because it is a record of His dealings with Israel and the apostles, but because every word and phrase carries a symbolic, spiritual meaning that relates to the Lord Himself and to our own spiritual states. Many Christian scholars through the centuries have recognized metaphors and allegories in the Bible, but Swedenborg is unique in publishing a systematic explanation of ALL the symbolism AND explaining how it works and why it's so important.

For example, the six days of creation in the story of Genesis are said to represent six states or stages of our spiritual development. On the first day God creates light, which corresponds to our own first enlightenment in spiritual things. On the second day He makes the firmaments, and the "waters above" and "waters beneath" correspond to the truths we learn in the second stage of our regeneration. On the third day He causes dry land and vegetation to appear, which correspond to our first states of charity as we apply the truths we have learned. And so it goes. You can learn more about the symbolism in the Scriptures by reading one of the sermons expounding the stories of the Word in the section of this website for "Other Resources," or by reading Swedenborg's own small work, The Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture, or the much larger work, Arcana Caelestia.