Schools and Colleges

In addition to the two elementary schools run by our churches in Ontario, and the fledgling high school just opened in Kitchener specifically, many students from across Canada have attended and continue to attend the church-run high school, college and theological seminary in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

There, for over 130 years, the church has not only provided a first-class education to its students, it has developed an extensive new philosophy of education based on the revelations in Swedenborg's works.  Traditionally most of the students came with strong church background, but in recent years there has been a special effort to invite the public to consider the benefits of this combination of natural and spiritual education, and "outside" enrollments have been welcomed. In this connection students from Canada may be eligible for special bursaries to help with the cost of attendance, pending acceptance.

You can visit the Academy of the New Church Secondary School on the web at,
and the college (a full, four year institution) at

The theological seminary also has a website at

Note that both the high school and the college host week-long annual summer programs to provide special skills or training, and to help introduce future students to the life and atmosphere of the schools.

In addition, the most comprehensive library in the world for archives and resources related to the study of New Church history and doctrine is also housed on this campus, which is in the small burrough of Bryn Athyn, about 15 miles north of center-city Philadelphia.