History, Culture & Publications

Throughout its history the New Church has been a prolific publisher of books, magazines and special studies on religion, philosophy, education and culture.  In no particular order, here is a list of some of the more general publications that are available (mostly from the United States) today.

New Church Life:  This monthly magazine is devoted to the teachings revealed through Swedenborg and is the official communications organ of the General Church internationally.  Here you can read sermons and other articles related to the life of the church, see occasional photographs of ministers, churches and other developments, and of course read church news from around the world.  You may subscribe for $16 per year to any address, or read the publication online at www.newchurchlife.org.

The New Philosophy:  This is the occasional (quarterly?) journal of the Swedenborg Scientific Association, a scholarly magazine that varies often between 60 and 120 pages in length and covers all sorts of topics related to Swedenborg's life and studies, and the philosophical background to New Church doctrine.  Subscriptions or memberships in the Association may be explored at www.swedenborg-philosophy.org, and the latest issue of the journal may be read online at www.newphilosophyonline.org.

In addition here are some other interesting websites that provide a raft of information about the New Church.

http://www.newchurchhistory.org/ features research, articles and other oganizations dedicated to preserving the knowledge of Swedenborgian thought and, including various ambitious projects...

http://www.highermeaning.org/ features studies and papers explaining the connection (correspondence) between natural and spiritual things, and a wide variety of research on science and religion.

http://www.glencairnmuseum.org/ - among many other things - takes you into the special world of fine arts collections that have special interest to those influenced by Swedenborg's revelations.

to be continued....