Here are a few recent comments from people around Canada who have found what they were looking for in Swedenborg and/or the New Church. 

"For me, Swedenborg's teachings have made the Bible accessible and relevant in an ever-changing world.  As the pace of change in the world increases exponentially it is often difficult to find meaning in ancient scripture, especially in the Old Testament.  Swedenborg's writings bring the Bible to life and give me hope that despite the changes I see going on around me, there is a path to love (ie, heaven) for all humanity that will remain unchanged throughout the ages." -- Mark F., Vancouver

"I find that Swedenborg answers questions - all I can come up with and many more!  From beginning to end, the truth becomes brighter in a beautiful and harmonious way. Take the time to consider what he has to say." – DLP, North Vancouver. 

"My first introduction to "The Writings" was reading Divine Love and Wisdom. I was deeply impressed with the truths that I read in every single line! I have since re-read this book a number of times and each time it seems as if I'm reading it for the first time – there is so much new wisdom to be found!" -- Fran R., Mississauga, ON

I've come to learn a profound teaching regarding marriage from the New Church. (It) teaches that the loving union of one man to one woman doesn't end at death but continues and is even perfected to eternity as one angel. -- John R, Toronto

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Universal Truths...

Universal Truths...

"When I discovered the New Church I was amazed to find a church that, in its doctrines, believed the very same things I had come to believe on my own after many years of searching. I have come to believe in the existence of universal truths which can be found in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

"In the existential crises of my youth I came to two basic conclusions on my own, one being that "No man (or woman) is an island", meaning that we are not meant to live lives in isolation but must interact with positively one another. Imagine my surprise when I read quotes from Swedenborg such as:
          'We are not born for the sake of ourselves, but for the sake of others.' 
          (True Christian Religion 406, Emanuel Swedenborg)
          'Worship does not consist in prayers and in external devotion, but in a life of charity.'
          (Apocalypse Explained 325, Emanuel Swedenborg)

"Over the years, as I have become even further attuned to the writings of Swedenborg, I have only become more convinced of the universality of the truths he wrote. I see this in the arts (movies, novels) and I read it in the spiritual (sometimes "new-age") forwards I receive from a surprising variety of friends on email. I love to watch movies, for example, and find new Church teachings evident there. Have you seen "The Butterfly Effect"? Swedenborg could have been a consultant on the film. He wrote:
          'Every smallest moment of a person‘s life entails a chain of consequences into eternity.
          Indeed every one is like a new beginning to those that follow.'

          (Arcana Coelestia 3854 Emanuel Swedenborg)

"This, of course is the very premise of the movie. The forwards I receive from my email friends often speak of the presence of angels as if this concept was just invented, yet back in the mid 1700’s, Swedenborg wrote:
          'Perception is nothing but the speech or thought of the angels who are with a person.'  
             (Arcana Coelestia 5228, Emanuel Swedenborg)
            'A person is totally unaware of the fact that the Lord is governing him by means of angels and spirits.'
            (Arcana Coelestia 50 Emanuel Swedenborg)

"Again, I would suggest the emergence of a universal truth concerning the angels and spirits which surround us." -- GP, Toronto

Personal support...

Personal support...

"It is through the constant, inspiring, intuitive emails of Rev. Gladish, and reading the words of Swedenborg - that a tangible feeling of peaceful calm, understanding, and a realisation that there is 'reason' for everything settles in with me. That although the world seems to be whirling increasingly towards chaotic confusion - imminent danger - desperate global and individual situations, that ultimately - all will be well. I am also reminded to be more kind, understanding, helpful, respectful - to not be 'overwhelmed' by the negativity and incomprehensible evil broadcast daily through the media, and then become fearful or negative myself. Life is a wonderful journey, giving us a chance to grow, experience, learn and regenerate. It is not a fearful destination - determined to undermine, criticise, confuse and ultimately destroy hope, confidence, the 'joy' of life. And finally -to 'share' the positive in everything I do with everyone - it's contagious. :-) -- Linda M., Kelowna, BC