Dawson Creek New Church, BC

The Dawson Creek Church of the New Jerusalem, as it is officially known, has members throughout the Peace River District and meets weekly at the building pictured - on the corner of 8th Street and 91st Avenue. In the City of Dawson Creek, drive straight up (north) on 8th Street from the traffic circle near the old grain elevator (now an art museum). The church is on the left at the corner of 91st Avenue, 1.5 km (about a mile) up the hill from the circle.  Services begin at 11:00 am.

Sunday School and nursery care are provided for children during the adult sermon, and refreshments are always offered after the services. We have a great selection of books and literature on display - for borrowing or for purchase - all full of information about our uniquely Christian teachings. Visitors are most welcome for our simple blend of traditional and contemporary customs in a reverent but informal atmosphere, and the pastor is also happy to meet with anyone by appointment during the week.

A monthly newsletter, "The Peace River Current," is available free on request and recent back issues are also posted below on this website. 

As you will see in other pages of this site, the New Church is dedicated to the worship of God as He is revealed in the person of our Lord, Jesus Christ, whose Divine Humanity is fully documented and explained in some 35 volumes written by Emanuel Swedenborg in the latter half of the 18th century. There we are shown clearly and from Scripture that God is one in essence and in person, and that He has provided for our salvation, not through the vicarious sacrifice of His "Son" but through His own love and wisdom expressed in the work of His life on earth.

In addition, the New Church has a long list of beautiful teachings about the "symbolic" spiritual meaning of the Scriptures, the delicate process of spiritual growth and development, the laws of providence, the true meaning and purpose of marriage, the last judgment predicted in the New Testament and the life after death -- just for a start. We welcome your enquiries by any means and are happy to provide literature, research materials, follow-up contacts or other information as needed, here in northeast BC or anywhere in the world.



Founded originally by settlers from Manitoba in the early 1950's, the Dawson Creek New Church welcomed its first pastor, the Rev. Roy Franson, in 1953. Roy lived at first in Grande Prairie, visiting Dawson Creek on a monthly basis, since there were small congregations in both places. In 1956 the members purchased an old school house in Sexsmith, Alberta, dismantled it and used the materials to build two churches, one in Grande Prairie and one in Dawson Creek. The present building was dedicated on August 5th, 1957.

About the time of the dedication the pastor moved to Dawson Creek and began visiting Grande Prairie, a routine that has continued since then. In 1971, with the families and membership of the church growing, a basement meeting room was created for the church. Then again, in 2007, "new" pews were purchased from a Mennonite congregation in Saskatchewan and a small front porch/entrance lobby was added in conjunction with major interior renovations, just in time for the celebration of the 50th anniversary in August of 2007 with a big weekend of special events.

Work still continues on the building, with improved handicapped access, new concrete paths and gardens, and work now completed on the new porch.

Contact Information and Office Hours

Contact Information and Office Hours

The visiting pastor for Dawson Creek Church of the New Jerusalem is Rev. Brad Heinrichs.  

He can be reached by phone at (cell) (519)573-3565, or by email at pastor@carmelnewchurch.org

The church is located at 9013 8th Street, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3N3, almost exactly 1 mile north of the traffic circle, at the intersection with 91st Ave.  


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Service Schedule

Church services are held every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.  The first Sunday of every month is a family service - there is one talk for adults and children together. All the other services (with the exception of some festival services, which are family services) include Scripture readings and a children's lesson, followed by Sunday School activities for the children and a sermon for the adults.

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For our monthly calendar, please see the monthly newsletter (below).